Bubble tea and waterfront walks with old friends

Mojave Desert, California

Tumbleweed littered the yard and Joshua trees were visible down the street.
View of Downtown Portland from our office

Portland, Oregon

I don't envy the mayor of Portland

Life Together

A few things we learned about extended family trips

Top Twenty Pics

Favourite pics from our summer sabbatical in Europe
Dingle Aquarium, Ireland

Attractive Attractions

What makes some museums and tourist attractions better than others?


Photos from the last stop on our sabbatical

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Sheer cliffs, stunning beaches, trad music and ancient cultures

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast branded itself as the Titanic capital, but there's much more to this energetic yet divided city.

Londonderry / Derry, Northern Ireland

A city divided against itself cannot stand

Portrush, Northern Ireland

Sandy beaches, azure waters, bouncy rope bridges and hexagonal geology

Isle of Skye

Dramatic cliffs, remote beaches, invigorating hikes, and more sheep than people